Whitney Manor
12 Step Recovery Housing for Men
Whitney Manor - The Next Step Toward Positive Change!
Are you currently in recovery from addiction and struggling to get back on your feet?  
  • If you are tired of talking about your problems, but doing nothing about them... 
  • If you are tired of being told what is right, but are not given the tools or support to determine what is right...
  • If you are tired of trying to find the stamina to do the right thing in the face of mounting adversity...
Then Whitney Manor is for You!
Don't let drugs and alcohol continue to control your life.  Our goal is to help all men that seek sustained lifelong recovery 
from addiction to alcohol and other drugs find it!  We will accomplish this by providing a positive, structured, and
supportive living environment.  An environment with an emphasis on personal and group accountability, education, and
an overall commitment to each man's treatment.